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Buy a house through Makelaars Associatie

You want to buy a house. A house that has everything you want and expect. And at a fair price. A house that has no hidden problems and skeletons in the closet which only emerge after you have signed the purchase contract.

Makelaars Associatie can help. You can feel confident when you buy a house through us. We know the market and the prices, we check the necessary details and take care of all the arrangements so that nothing is overlooked.

We can take you through the entire purchase procedure and arrange everything for you. Alternatively, you can choose where you want to use our expertise.

Makelaars Associatie’s experience, knowledge and practical bent behind you, you can trust your gut feeling about a house. After all, buying the right home is very personal!



Please feel free to contact one of our advisers:

Ing. Peter van Duijne (RMT)

Telephone +31 (0)70 – 352 68 00
Mobile +31 (0)6 - 53 18 66 54

Michel Pluijm (RM)

Telephone  +31 (0)70 – 352 68 00
Mobile +31 (0)6-51 19 25 38

The search

What type of area do you want to live in? How many rooms do you want? Detached villa or a flat? Do you want to renovate, or should it be ready to move into? Traditional features or very modern? Tell us all your preferences and what you are looking for in a house. If required, our financial advisors can assess your financial situation.

We will then start looking for properties that meet your preferences and expectations. We scan the latest properties quickly so that before the new listed properties are widely available, you already know about them. 

Viewing and research

Are you interested in one or more properties? We will make the appointments and will accompany you. In the case of several consecutive viewings, we will collect you by car and will drive to the properties together. All you need to think about is the houses themselves. It couldn’t be more convenient.

There is a lot to take in during a viewing. What is the atmosphere of the house? Is the layout suitable? Can you see yourself in that bath? What will the children think of the bedrooms? Does the house feel right? Only you yourself can say if you will be able to turn the house into a home. 

In the meantime, we will check the property, looking at everything with a critical, expert eye.

  • What is the structural condition of the property?
  • Is there any outstanding maintenance?
  • Will renovation be possible, or even necessary?
  • What is the leasehold situation and is there an Owners’ Association?
  • Is the asking price realistic or can we bid below it?
  • What about the surrounding area and the municipal zoning plan?





Everything seems to be in order. You have found a house where you would love to live. Our research shows that there will be no unexpected, unpleasant surprises. You can put in a bid with peace of mind and confidence.

We will decide the first bid jointly. In doing so, we will not look at the asking price so much, but at the realistic value of the property. These two amounts may be quite different, and it could save you a lot of money. In close consultation, we will then enter into further negotiations. We will provide advice at every stage, but every decision is yours.


If you and the seller reach agreement, the deal is done. Congratulations!

We will go through the contract of sale with you to make sure that everything is correct. As soon as both parties have signed the contract of sale, you have three days in which to change your mind (the ‘cooling-off’ period). You will probably not need them as the purchase process was anything but spontaneous and reckless.

We will now enter the financial process and will guide you through the remaining procedure such as the inspection prior to the transfer and of course the transfer itself in the presence of the civil-law notary. Even after the transfer, we will also be available to you – the happy house owner – for advice. Feel free to phone us.

If you would like more information or if you are interested in having us help you look for a house to buy, make an obligation-free appointment with one of our estate agents. Then you will know immediately if you have a personal click with him/her.





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